A blog advocating autism through my own personal experiences and insights.

Here is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago on what living with autism is like. Any comments you have for it are well appreciated.

A Foreign Autistic World

Let me introduce you to our kind
We may seem alien or foreign at first
Or maybe just a little different
So listen and do not expect the worst

I live a life full of solitude
I cut myself off from those around me
Working alone, playing alone
This is how my natural life works you see

To you I’m classified as a loner
Social interaction is a weakness
Especially when it comes to new people
For some of us, it is a life of bleakness

And let’s not forget the other characteristics
That may be our symptoms of this condition
Routine, sameness, and language delay
And living in a world of complete self-absorption

You see some of us rocking and saying nothing
You also see some of us at university
I hear you ask what connects us
I answer the spectrum is wide in its unity

I will always be like this you know
I was always like this and there is no cure
Treatment I suppose can help
But I will always be at least a little queer

Do not take this as a negative, however
I can assure that in it there is joy
In being different, in being unique
It is what I truly enjoy

So I now ask you a question
Would you like to be my friend?
I’m sure things will work out between us
Anything that goes wrong will mend

Comments on: "A Foreign Autistic World" (7)

  1. Thank you..really informative!!

  2. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

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  4. […] art, etc. I already had a poem written that was natural for such an event and can be found at A Foreign Autistic World, telling of my experience in living with high-functioning autism. The event, however, inspired me […]

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