A blog advocating autism through my own personal experiences and insights.

About Me and This Blog

Hello, my name is J.C. Saunders and I’m a young person in my early twenties who wants to share his experiences in living with mild high-functioning autism. Even though I’m
very smart in some ways especially as a math student, autism has affected my life both in positive and negative ways. I want to share my experiences with it and to enlighten others who are also autistic or care for someone who is. Given that I’m in grduate school, I usually post in 1-3 weeks. Hope you enjoy it!

Comments on: "About Me and This Blog" (2)

  1. Shari-Lee said:

    Hi JC!

    It’s a friend from Acadia — I’m leaving my email address for you to contact me. I would love to catch up!

  2. Vered Seidmann said:

    Dear J. C.,

    My name is Vered Seidmann and I am conducting a study on Autism and the Social Media. I am a PhD student at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information Studies (WKWSCI), in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I study the voice and the presence of autism as reflected in social media. The direct voice of autistic people is under-explored and I find it extremely important to listen to the unique voice of autistic people. I was wondering if I can be in touch with you for more detailed explanation.
    If you are willing, I would be very grateful to be in touch with you directly via e-mail and send you more detailed information. My e-mail address is: vered001@e.ntu.edu.sg .

    Thank you,
    Vered Seidmann

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