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On Accutane

10 years ago when I was in my teens I developed a typical problem that teens often go through. Such a problem is acne. When it developed, it wasn’t the worst case of acne in the world, but it was too significant to be ignored. As such, for the next several years after that, I was put on a combination of antibiotics and skin cream medication. While such medications might have helped a little, they unfortunately didn’t do a significant amount for me. I would go through periods where my face would look okay and then have several pimples, zits, etc. appear. I hated having them and picked at my face a lot. I knew that it would only make my acne worse, but I couldn’t help myself.

When I was seeing a university counsellor for a completely different reason, she made comment about the acne and asked if I had seen a doctor about it. I informed her of the medications that I had tried and how nothing had worked out. It turned out that she had had an acne problem herself and then had gone on a drug called Accutane to help cure it. It did have some significant possible side effects associated with it, but it had been proven useful in a lot of cases. I went to a doctor was referred to a dermatologist who gave me a consent form to sign to take Accutane and a booklet to read on it.

I was very excited as this was a huge chance for my skin to actually improve in any kind of permanent manner, but I also knew I had to be careful and read the booklet careful to beware of things I shouldn’t do and possible side effects. Such things would include for example not drinking any alcohol as the combination of Accutane and alcohol. Thankfully I don’t drink a lot anyway so for me this wasn’t a huge deal.

During the first week that I took Accutane my skin actually got worse than better. I had been informed beforehand, however, to expect this and I should see improvement in two weeks. I kept at it and then my skin started to calm down. When two weeks was over, my skin was really smooth and I thought it was a miracle. Then for the next month and a half until now it has only been getting better. I did have a minor breakout here and there, but the breakouts disappeared within days and haven’t returned at all. I’ve now been on Accutane for two months and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. The only side effects that I’ve experienced so far is dry lips. The Accutane works by reducing oil production and, as such, dryness of the lips is possible. The dermatologist had to give me an ointment for it and I’ve become very attached to my lip balm, but that should get better eventually.

My face hasn’t been so clear in 10 years and it’s been an utter relief. It’s raised my confidence to have an improved appearance and I like how my face looks when I look in a mirror. I keep my fingers crossed that the Accutane still continues to work and that this acne problem has now gone completely away.

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  1. That sounds great news for you. I work in healthcare and have never heard of it so I’ll look it up and bear it in mind.

    These things can be a balance of good and potential bad and only an individual, correctly informed of course, can make such decisions.

    • Thanks for reading and taking an interest. It’s certainly proven useful and something with anyone with acne should consider taking if less risky medications have proved less useful (as in my case). And you’re right, any medical treatment is ultimately depends on the consent of the individual.

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