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The Acceptance

In my last post, I explained how I had gotten numerous rejections from various places that I had applied to begin a PhD in math. Receiving those rejections wasn’t fun and made me really wonder what I was to do this fall. I might have been able to end my master’s at the end of April, but instead I extended my master’s to the end of the summer so that I could get in more research experience.

Then just over a month ago, I received some surprising news within the department. They had decided to reconsider my application because of the original research results that I had discovered. I was incredibly pleased in hearing this news. The plan was working. Even if in the end they rejected me once again, it meant that I was at least heading in the right direction towards better my future applications. I didn’t even have to submit a new application or a new application fee. They still had my old file from the winter and with the new information that had about me this summer they added it in automatically. It was an incredibly fortunate turn of events. It was July 9 when I heard this news and they said they would get back to me by July 19. Those 10 days in between passed by too slowly as I waited in anticipation for their decision.

Then a couple of days before the big decision day, I actually heard there were positive noises coming from the committee about my application. Two days later I finally got the news. I had been accepted to start a PhD at the University of Waterloo starting this fall!

I finally had a plan in place for this fall and it felt good. I can settle down now and not have to worry about anything for the next four years (except doing math)! I’ve even picked out two courses I’m very excited about to begin my PhD with and so it looks like everything is back to normal! Let the math plough on!

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