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In Paradise

I’m now starting my third term at University of Waterloo. Last term finished pretty well and I got to go back home to Nova Scotia for a week. It was certainly great to see my family and I even spent a night at my summerhouse in a beautiful place called Margaree. If you don’t know, Margaree is a beautiful place in north-west Cape Breton. The famous Cabot Trail on the island actually runs through it as it goes up north through the island. The place starts off as a river called the Margaree River and the river runs until it reached a harbor (unsurprisingly called Margaree Harbour) before opening up into the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the west coast.

My family owns a house in the harbor. Dad actually owns it currently with a brother and sister. And it’s been in the family for over 50 years ever since my father’s parents bought it. It’s easily my favourite vacation spot. Some people talk about going somewhere exotic like down south somewhere or to Hawaii for a vacation. But my first choice of vacation would have to be Margaree.

I have been into it since I was very young. This was back in the nineties, but it was when the house was still in my gradparents’ name. My dad actually has five brothers and two sisters and so back then we should share the house. I have a lot of good memories back then. My cousins, sister, and I would all sleep in the attic (almost all of us hadn’t even reached our teens back then). The house was located in Margaree Harbour and was on this paved road that led down to a beach. There’s also a dirt road that has its two ends meet the paved road, thus making a bit of a rectangle which was mostly taken up by a field and so we all shared (and still do) a village type setting with family and friends. Back in the nineties my cousins, sister, and we used to play games like red rover in the field. That’s one of the great things I like about Margaree. You don’t really have to travel anywhere to meet anyone. Everyone is down in the village! Of course, given that most of us only treat it was a summer place not everyone is there all the time. People come and go. But most of the time, especially nowadays, there is usually enough people there for company, but not so many that you feel overhwhelmed. At least those are my feelings about the place anyway.

Another great thing about the place is that we have no Internet at my summerhouse. I have a habit of texting people on Facebook and msn, but having no internet out there makes that impossible. And actually having to get off the couch and get the computer off your lap and actually go out and walk a few steps to talk to someone who doesn’t live in the house is actually pretty enlightening. Since we’re all neighbours, this is often possible. For example, I have an aunt and uncle who’s summer residence is right next door. And whenever we’re in the harbour simultaneously, I usually go over there several times (or they come over). Resorting to talking someone face-to-face I find a lot better than texting. No technology for communication required!

This term ends for me on August 10 and classes don’t being until September 10 so I’m certainly looking forward to going to Margaree again in that time frame. I don’t know how much longer the house will be in the family, but it’s good to just enjoy the time I have with it. I truly feel I’m in paradise there.

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  1. Teena Marie said:

    No matter what, I expect there will always be family somewhere in the village so there will always be a place to visit 🙂

    Good Luck this term…see you in August!

    • Yes, Aunt Teena, now that we Saunders have taken over at least half the village anyway (haha!), a few of us will probably still be there for several years to come. See you in August!

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