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The Road to Success

It’s now one month into my second term of graduate school and so far everything sounds really promising. I’m getting great marks on all my assignments with a lot less stress than last term, I’m getting in some writing, learning how to relax, and best of all my social life is increasing little by little.

How is everything working out so well? Well, again, it has to do with pain and the misery I felt last time when everything seemed to be working against me. I think I’ve really transferred that pain and misery to my advantage, which is why everything is working out. For example, in my last post, I pointed out that the aftermath in last term included an increased feeling of sexual frustration because the work last term really sucked any chance of a social life right out of me. I’d like to share some of the strategies I’ve used to get everything back on track.

Two of these actually came from a psychologist I saw because of the stress I’d endured last term. He asked me what really contributed to the misery and I told him that because the work had completely overwhelmed me, other areas of my life that I thought were important, for example writing and a social life, weren’t really pursued at. What he suggested I do then if I really wanted to pursue them was to build a schedule. Also, because my math, writing, and a social life were very diverse interests, he also suggested that I try limiting the time I spend on each one to make none of them overwhelmed the others. For example, I decided that I would spend a maximum of two hours on my writing per day (which includes my novel and this blog I’m writing now). So far that suggestion has worked out nicely. Putting such a limit on it has helped me keep its importance in perspective. Mind you, I certainly couldn’t live without it given that my passion for it is so high and I’ll certainly see about finding even more time for it in the future, but for now when I’m still young trying to adjust to everything around me at most two hours per day is certainly sufficient.

As a result of my scheduling my time, I’ve become more productive. Mind you, I rarely stick with the schedule down to the half-hour time slots within it (unlike a lot of autistics who I know would be very uncomfortable about not doing so), but it keeps everything in my life in check.

The other thing that the psychologist suggested is a relaxation CD suggested one that would probably help me Feeling Deep by Eli Bay. I got it off amazon and am now getting into a regular routine of playing it. It works so nicely. It really made me help me cool down. I sit or lay down and imagine things happening with my body that are making it relax.

And finally the social life. It’s getting better bit by bit. I asked a fellow math student to hang out at the grad house, which we did last week, as well as go play pool with a few other grad students. And I now have plans to have supper at the grad house with another math student tomorrow. I even joined a dating website as another avenue for talking to girls. And I’ve talked to a few on there. And all because I took action.

What can I say? It’s been one heck of a crazy year. I certainly hope it keeps up!

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  1. It’s good to hear that things are looking up for you.

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